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Presidents. Website-lists information on all U.S. Presidents including facts, election results and links to presidential resources from across the internet.

Encyclopedia.commore than 100 trusted sources, including encyclopedias, dictionaries, and thesauruses with facts, definitions, biographies, synonyms, pronunciation keys, word origins, and abbreviations , which is part of, advertises itself as “the leading online dictionary,” with 43 million people using it each month. Among the dictionaries that appear on are Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1998); The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (4th ed., 2000); Random House Unabridged Dictionary (2006); and has a simple search box with the results interspersed among ads. If the search has no results, there may be suggested related searches or the option of an box at the bottom of the page.

Merriam-Webster Online is part of the well-known publisher of dictionaries and the “direct lexicographical heir of Noah Webster.” It uses the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary (11th ed., 2003) as the basis for the free online dictionary. The result of a definition search looks very much like a print definition with the exception of a small ad before the definition. If a word is not found, the user is referred to the ad-free Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged, which is available for an individual subscriber for $29.95 per year or $4.95 per month.

Kids Research and Education Database-Catered to those in Grades 1 through 8

Academic Research Guide Database -Focused more on college/academic sources

TheFreeDictionary uses The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (4th ed., 2000) and Collins Essential Dictionary (2d ed., 2003), among other resources, for its definitions. The search box also offers the possibility of searching Google or Bing. If unsure of the spelling of a word, you may search by Starts With, Ends With, or seeing the word used in text. This dictionary was created by Farlex, which also runs TheFreeLibrary.

YourDictionary is based on Webster’s New World College Dictionary (4th ed., 2004), which is advertised as the official dictionary of theNew York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and other leading newspapers. The results from a search are prominently displayed, with tabs for synonyms or sentence examples.– statistics and information from more than 100 federal government agencies

OneLook: This no-frills online dictionary lets you look up basic definitions, related words, phrases and more. You can even customize your experience with different searches.

Best Children’s Books : a team of teachers who love children’s books and have created this site of the best children’s books to help you quickly and easily find the ideal book for any topic and reading level. And…we don’t include ALL the books on a given topic, just the award winning, highly rated books.

RhymeZone: Type in a word to find rhyming words, synonyms, definitions, Shakespeare references and more.

Strange and Unusual References: Head to this site to look up all-vowel words, magic words, magic archetypes, how to identify unicorns and other odd material. This online translator can find words in Dutch, Afrikaans, Russian, Portugese, Swedish, Japanese, Hungarian and more.

The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy: Search through topics like technology, American history, literature in English, proverbs and more to become a more “active citizen in our multicultural democracy.”

Word Spy: Search for a specific word to bring up funny quotations and a definition, or you can browse categories and sub categories like aging and death, hacking and hackers, entrepreneurs, jargon and buzzwords, art and design, drugs, euphemisms, sleeping or cell phones.

Behind the Names: Find out the history of your name or search names by categories like English, Spanish, mythology, Biblical names, African and more.

Directory of Occupational Titles: If you’ve ever wanted to know the official name of your job, look it up here.

Glossary of Real Estate Abbreviations, Terms and Phrases: Get through your next home signing by doing some extra research on this site.