Maintaining Library

Roanoke Public Library Policy for Maintaining the Library Premises and Contents Thereof


It shall be the duty of the director to maintain organization of books, and other library materials with prompt cataloging, and placement of such in the proper shelves or designated areas. Books and materials need to be catalogued and shelved no later than two weeks after receipt of such materials.


It shall be the duty of the library director to maintain the library in an orderly fashion with regard to neatness and cleanliness of the premises.


All cleaning, dusting of shelves, desks, computers, etc. shall be done on a monthly basis, and as otherwise necessary. This shall be done by the cleaning staff or delegated employee.

  1. MAIL

Disposition of library mail, whether addressed to Director or the library shall be taken care of by the director and appropriately disposed of, or filed in a timely manner. Personal mail of the library director shall not be kept at the library. Any literature over two months old will be discarded or filed appropriately. Literature recommended to be kept by Library organizations, or Indiana State Library will be filed neatly in designated area in the office.

  1. FOOD

All foodstuffs will be stored in an airtight container and removed at the end of the working day, or placed in the refrigerator. The refrigerator and microwave will be cleaned on a monthly basis, and as necessary by cleaning staff or delegated employee.


1.  Normal: The director will handle any normal repairs and maintenance of materials, equipment and furniture as needed.

2.  Major: The director to notify the Board of Trustees of any major/costly (over $100) need for repairs or maintenance of materials, equipment, or furniture so expenses can be approved by the board, unless immediate attention is required.

3.  Building: Any building issues, the director will notify the Building Manager for repair and maintenance.

Adopted by the Roanoke Public Library Board of Trustees March 25, 2014.