Sponsorship Request Policy

Any request for sponsorship from the Roanoke Public Library must be submitted in written format to:

  • Library Director
  • 314 N. Main Street Suite 120
  • PO Box 249
  • Roanoke, IN 46783

The Library Director will then present the request to the Roanoke Public Library Board of Trustees at their next monthly meeting after the request in writing is presented.

The Board’s decision on sponsorship will be communicated to the requesting party as soon as possible after the meeting.

If the Board’s decision is favorable and is for a monetary amount, the check will be mailed or available for pick-up no later than one week after the decision was made.

If the Board’s decision is favorable and not monetary, the request will be fulfilled as soon as possible.

All decisions by the Board are final.

Adopted May 26, 2015.