Computer Usage Facts

The Roanoke Public Library has 6 computers attached to the Internet that are available to the public as long as they sign into the computer use clipboard. The computers are all equipped with Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint), USB drives, Windows 7 Professional Operating System, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Adobe. Time on the computers is unlimited unless there are people waiting to use them, then the ones on the longest not doing important work (playing games is not important work) will be asked to leave.

No library card is required to use the computers!

Kids are allowed on the computers without parent/guardian being with them only once. An RPL Parental Consent Form – Computer & Internet must be on file at the library after that for kids to be alone on the Library’s computers. All users of the Library’s computers and Internet must follow the Computer Usage Guidelines.


kid on computer clipart

The Library is a Hotspot! Yes, there is wifi service throughout the Library’s space so you can bring your equipment in and use the Internet for FREE.

Computers are filtered through our Internet Provider (Education Networks of America) by standards set at the Indiana State Library.