Appendix A-Library Director

A.    EMPLOYMENT:  Library Director shall provide to the Roanoke Public Library the services as described below:

1.      Full responsibilities for the administration of the library

2.      Act as advisor to the Board, recommend needed policies for Board action, recommend employment of all personnel and supervise their work

3.      Carry out the policies of the library as adopted by the Board

4.      Prepare regular library reports

5.      Maintain an active program of public relations and programs that enhance literacy development and provide in-service to patrons throughout employment time

6.      Prepare annual budget in consultation with the Board

7.      Know local and state laws; actively support library legislation in the state

8.      Select, order and catalog all books and other library materials

9.      Attend all Board meetings

10.  Affiliate with state professional organizations and attend meetings and workshops to stay current with changes in technology and resources for patrons

11.  Make use of the services and consultants of INCOLSA and the State Library

12.  In consultation with the Board, assist in collection development


B.     BEST EFFORTS OF LIBRARY DIRECTOR:  Library Director agrees to perform faithfully, industriously, and to the best of Library Director’s ability, experience, and talents, all the duties that may be required by the express and implicit terms of the Employment Agreement, to the reasonable satisfaction of The Board of the Roanoke Public Library.  Such duties shall be provided at Roanoke, IN and at such other place(s) as the needs, business or opportunities of the Board may require from time to time.