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Kids Count Data Center  –In an effort to “go green”, Kids Count Data Center is encouraging users to download the Data Book narrative (which is no longer available in print), as well as county profiles, directly from Kids Count Data Center site.  Additional data that is constantly updated online, including school district data, can be found by visiting our Kids Count Data Center. babysitters, pet sitters, nannies, elderly care, house cleaners, tutors and more.  Site has ability to narrow in on your area to find the right match for you. There are additional resources at  Guide for babysitting optionsTutoring Guide;  Child Care Article Page 


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References for Students

Free SAT Practice Test Scoring Tool by StudyPoint : online tool allows you to score all 10 of the practice tests within The Official SAT Study Guide, 2nd edition and provides detailed analyses of test results, including an assessment of performance by question type, concept tested, question difficulty, and test section.

Online Music Theory Helper: Order flash cards or look up different theory lessons on this site.

ArtLex: Browse this art terms dictionary for historical context information, definitions and more.

The Works of the Bard: Use the Shakespeare search engine or browse plays by category to get references and text of Shakespeare’s works.

Factmonster Reference Desk: Here, you’ll find an almanac, homework center, atlas, dictionary and encyclopedia for younger students.

Little Explorers Picture Dictionary: Students learning to read will find pictures to go along with their definition results.

Distance Education Glossary: If you’ve recently enrolled in a distance ed course or program, use this glossary to help you navigate your new education portal.

HyperHistory Online: There are over 2,000 files on this site, on all kinds of world history topics like politics, religion, culture, science and special events.

Style Guides and Resources: This reference list will help you out when you need to write a paper using APA, MLA, and other special citation systems.

Statistical Resources on the Web: Find updated statistics on everything from agriculture to business to labor to housing to the military.

RefDesk: Check your facts quickly and easily at the RefDesk, which features a site of the day, thought of the day, and plenty of multi-search tools. is a group of individuals dedicated to educating individuals on how they can become safer drivers, whether they’re new teen drivers or have decades of driving experience. Our free guides include resources for getting back on the road, saving money on car insurance, and improving safe driving skills.

College Choices
For Indiana students who are looking to stay in state:


For others who are looking to explore out of state programs:


Audio Books For Free– fiction, nonfiction and children’s books

Learn Outloud – audio books, podcasts and video you can learn from

Teacher References

Twain Quotations A to Z: Inspire (or confuse) your students by throwing out a Mark Twain quote every once in a while. You can search by subject matter.

Math Glossary: Look up words and concepts like abacus, Thales’ theorem, obtuse triangle and a lot more in this special site.

Biology Website References for Students and Teachers: Learn about evolution, cell chemistry, anatomy and genetics from this list of reference sites.

Children’s Literature Web Guide: Look for award-winning children’s books, readers’ theatre sites, stories published online and more on this site.

Charles Dickens Gad’s Hill Place: Use this quote page to search by topic, title, or phrase, or pull from The Daily Dose of Dickens book.

Encyclopedia Mythica: Search for text, quotes and history of mythology, folklore and religon. Categories include Greek people, Celtic mythology and Roman mythology.

American Memory: The Library of Congress’ American culture and history reference site features topics like environment and conservation, immigration, women’s history, Presidents, religion, maps, literature, African American history and others.

ASL Browser: Look up American Sign Language signs here.

Learning and Performance Glossary: From accelerated learning to guidance package to meta skills, this glossary is full of education terms.

Librarian References

A Glossary of the Humanities:  is an excellent free tool to train and widen your vocabulary. 

Library of Congress Online Catalogs: We’re pretty sure most librarians have heard of this site, but it’s seriously one of the best reference sites on the Web.

Historical Text Archives: This site boasts nearly 687 articles and 70 books about history, especially American history.

KidsClick!: This educational search engine was created by librarians and teachers and is organized by topics like society and government, machines and transportation, health and family, facts and reference, and a lot more.

Library Spot: This great reference site has links to encyclopedias, Top 10 lists, business references, public libraries and a LOT more.

Search Engines

Giga Blast: Giga Blast is still in beta form, but you can search websites, images and video. Cute little Ms. Freckles gives you all the tools to conduct a meta search here.

Kart00: Here, you have the option of only searching English pages or the entire web.

Gimpsy: Gimspy specializes in “active sites for active people.” You can search by verb or action, by filling in the sentence “I want to…” This site is a link directory for Google’s custom search engine.

Ms. Dewey (evolution bureau): Your off-the-wall host Ms. Dewey flirts, sings and offers silly trivia or analysis while you search.

Ulyssek Search Engine: You can view your results organized into categories on this site.

Cha Cha: This creative search engine makes you feel like you’re sending a text from your cell phone when you search.

FactBites: FactBites is “where results make sense” and is touted as a search engine crossed with an encyclopedia.

Open Source Sites

DataParkSearch Engine: Use this open source search engine to find multilingual sites, pull up “fuzzy searching based on acronyms and abbreviations” and find text files, mp3s and .gif files.

Wiktionary: Wikipedia’s free dictionary is a collaborative, multilingual resource.

Open Library: This user-generated book catalog has over 13 million books in its library.

dmoz: dmoz is an open directory project, where you can search for or edit topics and results for kids and teens, reference materials, business, health, arts and more.

Internet and Computer Reference

CNET Glossary: Use this glossary to look up network terms.

Glossary of Internet Terms: From ADN to Meta Tag to SDSL to cgi-bin, find definitions of Internet terms here.

Chat Stuff: This short dictionary has translations for popular chat acronyms like AFK, BAK, and BCNU.

McAfee Virus Glossary: Learn about online threats and computer security by browsing this authoritative glossary.

Tech Encyclopedia: Look up a specific word or click to get a random definition each day.

What Is? IT Dictionary: Browse categories like personal computing, call centers, cheat sheets, authentication, network hardware, compliance, Linux, storage management, Telecom, robotics and a whole lot more for tech definitions.

News and Pop Culture

ScienceCinemacontains multimedia videos highlighting the U.S. Department of Energy’s most exciting scientific research.

Who’s Alive and Who’s Dead: Keep track of which famous musicians, performers, actors, athletes and political figures are alive and which ones are dead. Search by genre like rock, jazz, pop, world, rap or blues.

Dictionary of Pop Culture References: From A to Z, you can find words, phrases and characters from pop culture.

Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Browse topics like Japanese art, astronomy, horticulture, popular entertainment, domestic life, conservation and more on this authority site. Energy and Energy Conservation: Find new and archived articles about energy conservation here.

Internet Broadway Database: Look up directors, actors and more for all Broadway shows here.

Grove Music Online: This site is “the world’s premier authority on all aspects of music.”

bibliomania: Over 2,000 classic texts can be found on this site, as well as reference books, study guides and links to buy books.

Sports Almanac: From the Olympics to hockey, you can find everything there is to know about sports history and players on this site.