Appendix B-Library Assistant

I.   Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Operate circulation desk
  • 1.      Checking library materials in and out
  • 2.      Registering new patrons
  • 3.      Operating fax machine
  • 4.      Answering phone, only if director is unavailable
  1. Assist Patrons
  • 1.      Finding library materials in library and online
  • 2.      Assisting with the computer
  • 3.      Assisting with photocopier
  • 4.      Answering questions
  1. Plan story time and other library programs, as in summer reading for children and adults;  and young adult programs
  • 1.      Preparing needed program items
  • 2.      Choosing themes
  • 3.      Choosing book to read to them
  • 4.      Preparing needed craft items
  • 5.      Preparing needed snack items when appropriate
  • 6.      Creating displays to advertise programs and decorate the library
  1. Shelving library materials and assuring that items on shelves are arranged correctly
  2. Cleaning
  3. Participating in a continuing education including computer skill
  4. Running the library in the director’s absence
  5. Other jobs as may be needed


II.                Requirements

A.    Typing

B.     Some computer skills


III.             Work Time

A.    Total of 100 hours, monthly, or as adjusted to fit library needs

B.     Flexible scheduling

C.     Work Saturdays only when director is unavailable

D.    Wage – See ordinance