Unscheduled Closings Policy

Unscheduled Closings
Weather Related Closings:
The Library may close due to inclement weather at the discretion of the Library Director with input from Board President and Library staff. The Director will use the emergency weather level (see below) as one factor in the decision to close. The Library will be closed during Level 1 conditions and may be closed during Level 2 conditions or under Town-declared emergencies. Closings will be announced on WANE-TV and INC-TV and will be posted on the front door if possible.
Level 4 Caution (white). Travel conditions require caution, but there are no restrictions.
Level 3 Watch (yellow). Travel may be restricted, and people should use caution or avoid problem areas.
Level 2 Warning (orange). Conditions are threatening to public safety, and only essential travel is recommended.
Level 1 Declared Emergency (red): A declared state of emergency with travel restricted to emergency personnel only.
Emergency Closings:
The Library will close due to other emergency conditions such as loss of power [after one half hour without power], problems with heating and/or air-conditioning unit(s) [if temperature reaches 82 or drops below 60], bomb threat, loss of water, or catastrophic emergency. In addition, if the safety of library patrons is jeopardized as a result of any situation heretofore unmentioned, the Library shall close. All emergency closings will be announced on WANE-TV and INC-TV and posted on the building’s front door, when possible.
Thanks to the Adams Public Library System Board of Trustees for assisting in the formation of this policy.

Adopted 12/21/2011