Home Schooling Educational Philosophies

Formal Curriculum McGraw-Hill, Houghton-Mifflin, Scott-Foresman, Holt, A Beka, Bob Jones, Alpha Omeg, Saxon, Christian Library, Calvert, Rod and Staff
Classical Education The Well-Trained Mind by Jessie Wise; Charlotte Mason, Trivium Pursuit, Memoria Press; Tapestry of Grace; Biblioplan; TruthQuest; Winter Promise; Tanglewood
Literature-Based Education Sonlight, Charlotte Mason, Winter Promise, Robinson Curriculum, Accelerated Achievement, Living Learning Books
Principle Approach The American Christian History Institute, James Rose, Stephen McDowell, Rosalie Slater, F.A.C.E., The Pilgrim Institute, The Mayflower Institute, The Providence Foundation, Richard “Little Bear” Wheeler-Mantle Ministries
Homemade Curriculum Free internet sources, workbooks, library sources, books/videos/ computer sources, projects, etc.
Unit Studies Konos, The Weaver, Five in a Row, Alta Vista, ATI (Bill Gothard), Delight Direct Studies (Gregg Harris), Valerie Bendt, Katherine Stout
Child-Directed Learning Montessori  Method, less formal/ planned use of library materials and community opportunities
Eclectic Homeschoolers Tend to use bits and pieces of all types of sources to fit individual needs
Distance Learning Clonlara School, Calvert with the tutorial option, Home Study International; Laurel Springs School, National Repository of Online Courses
Un-schoolers Teach Your Own by John Hold; Homeschooling for Excellence by David and Micki Colfax; Life LearningMagazine
Computer Based Education Teaching Textbooks, Saxon Teacher, Switched on Schoolhouse, Robinson Curriculum, Time4Learning, Bob Jones satellite, ACE