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NOTE: eIndiana Digital Consortium is now part of a larger statewide consortium name Indiana Digital Library.

NOTE: The Overdrive app is being discontinued.  Please switch to the Libby app for your ebooks and eaudio!

To see instruction on how to install Libby on Kindle Fire tablet click here.


Wondering why we don’t have more eBooks available or why the bestseller you want isn’t available, Click on Libraries and eBooks FAQ.


1. To find out what eBooks are, click eBook Definition.
2. Step-by-step instructions to download eBooks from the Roanoke Public Library : (This process will still work even though the name of the consortium has changed.)
3. How to download a library ebook to a Kindle:

4. How to download a library ebook to a Nook:

5. How to Download Overdrive Mobile App to your Android Device
6. To find out if your device is compatible, click Devise Resources Center.
7. To browse the collection available, click  Browse Collections
8. To find free eBooks,  click Free Collections.
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10. To find other libraries using Overdrive to offer eBooks, click Overdrive Libraries.
11. To find even more help, click Overdrive Help.
12. Need help logging in with your library account, click Evergreen Indiana Help or contact your friendly librarian. 🙄