Home Schooling Resources

Home Schooling Resources

Non-Fiction First Readers
We have many first reader and lower reading-level books on a wide variety of subjects. These titles are shelved in the non-fiction section, with the subjects they are about. These include Eyewitness Readers, Dorling Kindersley Readers,and more.
Audio Books:
 Audio books are great for improving reading comprehension and fluency. We have a wide selection hanging in bags as you walk in the door.

Newbery & Caldecott collection:

We have all the Newbery Award books and Caldecott Award books, usually more than one copy. We have most of the honors books as well.

Educational DVDs:

Reading Rainbow, Magic School Bus, Scholastic Storybook Treasures, and much more

Curriculum support:

If you need help finding resources to supplement your collection, don’t hesitate to ask. We can help you find fiction and non-fiction books to supplement your curriculum or to simply enrich your child’s interest.

Activity-based series

Each Holiday we put out special books that deal with the holiday.  These include craft and idea books. We have a whole section devoted to Science books.  These include many, many books about conducting experiments.

Homeschooling Magazine:
Roanoke Public Library currently subscribes to “Homeschooling Today”