Purchasing Policy


The Board of Trustees of the Roanoke Public Library is a governmental body that is authorized to enter into contracts under the Indiana Public Purchasing Law. The Board of Trustees of the Roanoke Public Library is the “Purchasing Agency.”


The “Purchasing Agent” of the Roanoke Public Library is the Director of the Library.


The Purchasing Agent may purchase supplies costing up to $500.00. Any supplies costing $501.00 or more require the approval of the Board of Trustees of the Roanoke Public Library. This provision excludes “library materials,” which are exempt by statute from the restrictions imposed by I.C.36-1-0, to wit: books magazines, pamphlets, films, filmstrips microfilm, slides, transparencies, phonodiscs, phonotapes, models, art reproductions, and all other forms of library and audio materials. While the director is responsible for purchasing these items it is not encumbered by a quote or bid process, the Board expects the Director to use due diligence in seeking out the most economical sources for the items.

                  4.  COMPETIITIVE BIDDING

All purchases under $25,000.00 will be made on the open market. All items costing between $25,000.00 and $75,000.00 will be purchased following competitive bidding procedures unless another procedure is authorized by statute. The Roanoke Public Library will follow all the proper steps for competitive bidding procedures or the inviting of quotes as required by statute.

                   5.   PURCHASING SERVICES

The Board of Trustees or the Purchasing Agent will purchase services on the basis of provisions of the contract, cost, experience of the offer or any other factor deemed appropriate to the services being purchased.


Nothing in this policy shall be construed as to lessen the requirements as set forth in the Indiana Code (I.C.) and explained in the State Board of Accounts Accounting and Uniform Compliance Guidelines Manual for Libraries.


This policy can be amended at any regular monthly business meeting of the Board of Trustees. This policy will be reviewed annually.

Purchasing Policy was adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Roanoke Public Library on March 25, 2014.