Posting on Bulletin Board

The bulletin board located in the Library is to be used for publicity about cultural and/or educational events in the Roanoke area. Individuals or nonprofit groups may advertise items or services for sale as space permits. Oversized notices may be restricted in the interest of keeping space available.

Items posted may not contain graphics or text that could reasonably be considered offensive to the community. Items may not display materials that advocate for a particular political candidate or issue.

All flyers will be discarded when removed by library staff. Persons who wish to retain materials must remove flyers promptly themselves before the 1 month expiration date.

The library will also offer space for a minimal amount of handout materials for public awareness from nonprofit groups, community groups, or governmental agencies, as well as handouts prepared by the Library to promote materials and services. The handouts must fit in specific areas provided by the Library.

Posting of materials in the Library does not necessarily indicate the Library’s endorsement of the issue or event promoted by those materials.

Adopted 11/25/2014