Other Features

Beside the other items that have been listed on this site the Roanoke Public Library also has an print/photograph collection. Here are just some of those.

Prints and photographs are very detailed and nicely done which these pictures do not do justice.

Roanoke’s public water pump located at First and Main Street circa 1910 Print by Bob Rose of Roanoke, IN East side of South Main Street, Roanoke, IN circa 1903. Print by Bob Rose of Roanoke, IN Blacksmith on High Street, Roanoke, IN circa 1880. Print by Bob Rose of Roanoke, IN Interurban Station, Roanoke, IN summer of 1912. Print by Bob Rose of Roanoke, IN
kilsaquahgroup birdpicture historicmap buckleymossgroup
Group of pictures of Kilsaquah, the last full blood Miami Indian who lived near Roanoke, IN Two books of interchangable bird pictures by Richard Sloan. Historic Roanoke area map P Buckley Moss Print Collection

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