Our Mission

Our Mission

Providing access to knowledge and information to inform, educate, entertain and serve.

Our Vision

Serve as the Roanoke community’s primary point of access to information, lifelong learning, economic development, educational resources, and literacy through use of print, technology and digital resources.

Our Purpose/Method

The Library values the citizens of the Roanoke and will respond to their needs by providing a clean, inviting building; well-organized and up-to-date collection of materials; friendly professional service; reliable access to technology and digital resources; and a well-trained staff who are committed to serving the public.

Our Goals

General Information-The Library will offer General Information that helps meet the need for information and answers questions on a broad array of topics related to work, school, and personal life.

Basic Literacy-The Library will offer Basic Literacy service that addresses the need to read and to perform other essential daily tasks.

Formal Learning Support-The Library will offer Formal Learning Support that helps students who are enrolled in a formal program of education or who are pursuing their education through a program of home schooling to attain their educational goals.

Lifelong Learning-The Library will provide Lifelong Learning service that help address the desire for self-directed personal growth and development opportunities.

Business and Career Information– The library will offer Business and Career Information services that addresses a need for information related to business, careers, work, entrepreneurship, personal finances, and obtaining employment.