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Transportation: Canals, Trains & MotorVehicles History – A Mediagraphy


History of the US RailroadNo Date. Computer CD. System Requirements: Pentium II, 300mhz, 64mb RAM, CD-ROM. Price $9.95 from

Summary: Learn from over 1800+ absorbing vintage photographs how the US Railroad survived the turbulent years of the Civil War and evolved into one of the most significant contributors to the nation’s progress in this historic CD. The history of the US Railroad dates back to 1828 when the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad opened the first 13-mile stretch of tracks between Baltimore and Ellicott Mill on the 24 of May. Horses were initially used to power the trains until the company experimented with its first steam engine, which was aptly christened Tom Thumb after the thumbnail sized fairy tale hero. Interestingly, Tom Thumb is remembered more for its memorable race against a horse-drawn carriage than for its place in rail history as the first American steam-powered locomotive.

Review: Thoroughly researched, painstakingly compiled, put together in a simple and systematic manner, the history of the US Railroad could not get more interesting than this. Your CD has given me an in-depth understanding of the lives of railroad men and my respect for these hardy men has gone up quite a few notches.–Danny Morris, Phoenix, AZ
Review: I have always been a railroad enthusiast and cannot tell you how thrilled I am with the contents of this CD. Railway lines, locomotives, workers, and accidents – this CD covers the story of our railroad in a very comprehensive manner and I love it. – -Brian Williams, Bella Vista, AR

History of Transportation. No Date. Computer CD. System Requirements: Pentium II, 300mhz, 64mb RAM, CD-ROM. Price $9.95 from

Summary: If you happen to be a vintage car buff or harbor an interest in the history of transportation, grab this fascinating CD today! This CD offers you a fascinating trip down memory lane when automobiles and streetcars were beginning to make their presence felt on the streets of America in a big way!

Review: Wow, What a treat! I am an avid collector of models and pictures of vintage cars and wasn’t prepared for a feast when I bought and viewed this CD. The pictures are absolutely stunning and their clarity is amazing, despite their age. I think it was a very clever idea to include pictures of streetcars in this CD, as they continue to bear the burden of transporting people to wherever even today. The time I spent pouring over these nostalgic clips and pictures was surely rewarding and I am sure anybody who studies the contents of this CD will arrive at a similar conclusion.–Tommy Hetzere, Fairfield, AL
Review: They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this wonderful CD proves it. I was amazed as I viewed one fascinating photograph after another of automobiles and streetcars from an era that I identify so well with. I recall the early racetracks, which were a far cry from the smooth, asphalted surfaces that you see today. Often we had to shield our eyes from the dust as the powerful racers roared by over bumpy tracks. I was also reminded of my first automobile, which incidentally was a Corvair. Oh, I certainly plan to view this CD again, even at the risk of being overcome by nostalgia!–Harold SmithNewport, TN.



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