Videodisc Sharing with Evergreen Consortium- Addendum to Circulation Policy

The Roanoke Public Library, as a member of the Evergreen Indiana Library Consortium, circulates library materials in accordance with the following policy:

  • Members of the Evergreen Indiana Library Consortium will operate under uniform circulation policies and procedures. This is a condition of participation in the consortium pursuant to the Evergreen Indiana Membership Agreement and the Evergreen Indiana Executive Committee.
  • The vision of the Evergreen Indiana Library Consortium includes as a fundamental tenet the ability of library patrons to see and borrow library materials from all participating Evergreen Indiana Libraries. This goal of maximum access for patrons is tempered by the nature of the materials themselves and the logistics of moving materials among the libraries. Member libraries have agreed that Evergreen Indiana membership will not relieve libraries of the responsibility for purchasing the materials needed to meet the demands of local patrons.
  • The Evergreen Indiana Circulation Policy is implemented by the Evergreen Indiana Circulation Procedures. The Evergreen Indiana Circulation Policy and the Evergreen Indiana Circulation Procedures represent the decisions of the Executive Committee. Some policies and procedures may remain under local control, varying with the specific situation of each library, library district or library system.

Since the Roanoke Public Library can decide which items it will share with the other Evergreen Libraries in the Consortium and which it will not, the Roanoke Public Library will begin on November 1, 2017 to circulate the videodiscs located in the following shelving areas to all members of the Evergreen Consortium:

  • War DVDs
  • NonFiction Adult DVDs
  • NonFiction Juvenile DVDs
  • Juvenile Preschool DVDs

We will not share with the members of the Evergreen Consortium, the videodisc in the following shelving areas:

  • Adult Blu-Rays
  • Adult DVDs
  • Classic DVDs
  • Juvenile Blu-Rays
  • Juvenile DVDs
  • TV Series
  • Red Dot Blu-Rays
  • Red Dot DVDs


Adopted 10/23/2017