Remembering the “old” Library


Roanoke Public Library outside

·         CONSTRUCTED: 1940

·         SPACE OCCUPIED: 1298 square feet

·         LOCATION: in a portion of the Roanoke Town Hall

The “old” Roanoke Public Library was a small town library located in the Roanoke Town Hall in Roanoke in Huntington County, Indiana. The library resided in an about 1,300 square feet area. Because of the small size people often thought the library didn’t have all the features of a big library. The library may not have had as many items as a bigger library but you may be surprised by what it did have to offer. Let’s take a virtual tour (original title of this presentation was “What’s in a Public Library?) and see what could have been found in the “old” library…..

Take a Virtual Library Tour:
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