Notary Public Policy

Notary Policy for Library Director of Roanoke Public Library
  • A notary commission is personal to the notary public. The stamp and commission belong to the notary public and must be safeguarded by the notary in order to prevent forgeries and other misuse. Even if an employer pays for the notary commission, the employer cannot convert the stamp and journal. Additionally, if the employer paid for the notary’s bond, the employer cannot cancel the bond.
  • The library director notary public is acting on behalf of the library board to provide notary services in the library. The library director performs notary services according to Ind. Code 33-42-2-5.
  • While serving as notary public, the director may not also hold a lucrative office.
  • The library director notary public adheres to the highest standards of competence and responsibility in providing notary public services.
  • The library director notary public shall never notarize any signature without the maker of the signature first appearing personally before the notary.
  • The library director notary public shall correctly maintain a notary journal of all notarial acts they perform.
  • The Library will not provide witnesses, and witnesses may not be solicited from customers using the Library. In order to serve as a witness, the witness must personally know the person whose document is being notarized and must be in possession of valid photo identification.
  • The fee charged by Roanoke Public Library will be the maximum permitted by law (currently $2 for each notarial act).
  • Documents in any language other than English will not be notarized at this facility.
  • In accordance with Indiana Notarial Law, Notaries will not provide service if the customer, document or circumstances of the request for Notary Service raise any issue of authenticity, ambiguity, doubt or uncertainty for the Library. In this event, the Library Notary may, at his/her sole discretion, decline to provide Notary Service.
  • The library director is not an attorney licensed to practice law in Indiana, and he/she may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal service.
Approved by the Board of Trustees
Effective Date: 4/18/2012