Transportation Mediagraphy- Misc. Items

Transportation: Canals,Trains & Motor Vehicle History-a Mediagraphy

Misc. Items of Interest for the Collection

For Kids
Kidsongs: Cars Boats Trains & Planes2002. Image Entertainment. 30 minutes. Format: Closed-captioned, Color, DVD-Video, Live, NTSC. Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1. ASIN: B00006FMBP List price $9.99 for DVD at

Summary: Join the crazy adventures as the Kidsongs Kids sing along aboard all kinds of trucks, an antique car, a boat and even a bulldozer! Chug along on a train, fly above the clouds in a jet plane and soar through the sky in a giant hot air balloon. If you love things that go, you’ll love this video.

Review: My 18-month old son will run into his grandparent’s house and straight to this video. He loves the trucks, rollerblades, airplanes and all the other vehicles. The songs are entertaining we even find ourselves singing along. Definitely a must-have for any little boy who likes cars and trucks.—Renee C. Robertazzi, Middle Village, NY
Review: My 3 children got this as a hand me down. They loved it from the start. While they had 50 other movies, this is the only one they wanted to watch…over and over. My wife and I finally bought other movies from the series and the kids could not be happier. They would watch the movies all day if I allowed them.—bone_123, Wilmington, DE.

Framed Art
Picture History: Car Loaded with Furniture on Highway1945 Fine Art Giclee Print, Framed. Item #PHS406F. Printed by Chicago Albumen Works, Print Year: 2006. Print Information: 11×14 Giclee Print, Epson archival K-3 inks and Epson museum quality fine art paper. Frame: 16×19, Mahogany with glass. List Price $350.00 on sale for $245.00 from Shop PBS.

Description: A slice of Americana, part of the Standard Oil Photography Project. Photographer: Gordon Parks. Courtesy of Gordon Parks Foundation.


Created by Celia Bandelier ( on July 2, 2008. Celia is the Director of the Roanoke Public Library, Roanoke, Indiana.