Patron Code of Conduct

The Roanoke Public Library is a public library serving the town of Roanoke, Indiana.  All visitors are asked to respect the Library’s mission and are required to behave appropriately while on the premises. To ensure that all patrons and visitors are able to use the Library’s resources and services effectively, the Roanoke Public Library requires all visitors to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws as well as the following rules and regulations.

The Library staff reserves the right to inspect all briefcases, handbags, packages, overcoats and shopping bags.

  1. Library patrons are expected to:
    1. Supervise behavior and safety of minors for which you are responsible. Adults who cannot care for themselves must also be monitored by their caregivers while on library property.
    2. Attend to personal belongings. The Library is not responsible for belongings left in/on Library property.
    3. Use library and library furniture, equipment and materials for their intended function.
    4. Wear appropriate clothing. Shoes and shirts must be worn.
    5. Maintain acceptable personal hygiene. Persons with odor offensive enough to constitute a nuisance to others will be required to leave the library.
    6. Use covered containers when bringing beverages into library buildings and to keep all food and drink away from the computers.
    7. Refrain from solicitation of any kind for any purpose without prior approval of the Library Director.
    8. Leave the library at the designated closing time.
  1. Behavior that interferes with library services and activities (including the ability of library staff to perform their work and the ability of other patrons to effectively use and enjoy the library facilities) is prohibited in all areas of the library building.

This includes:

  1. Unauthorized removal or attempted removal of materials without proper checkout or other official library authorization; Mutilation, defacement, or misuse of library property; obstruction of the use of library equipment, resources, or facilities.
  2. Being in an unauthorized area; remaining in the library after closing or after being asked to leave; failure to evacuate in an emergency or during a drill.
  3. Disorderly or disruptive conduct such as noisy or boisterous activities that can be reasonably expected to disturb others
  4. Obscene or abusive language or acts
  5. Possession, use or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
  6. Use of furniture, library equipment or facilities in a manner for which they were not intended or designed
  7. Sleeping
  8. Bodily hygiene, including perfume and unsanitary personal conditions, that is so offensive as to constitute a nuisance to other persons
  9. Threatening or intimidating others (for example: abusive language, threats of violence or harassment, staring at or following others through the building, engaging in unwanted or inappropriate touching, unwanted or inappropriate sexual advances, innuendo, or jokes)
  10. Selling, soliciting or mass distribution of materials; posting materials in the library or on library premises unless approved prior by the Library Director
  11. Use of building’s restroom facilities for any purpose other than that which it is intended
  12. Smoking
  13. Bringing animals in the building (except guide/assisting dogs or by permission given by library staff)
  14. Any behavior that is potentially unsafe or harmful to self or other
  1. Public computers are available and patrons are expected to use the Internet in a manner that represents the library environment. Staff will ask patrons to exit websites disruptive to an atmosphere suitable for study, reading, and activities in support of research. Failure to comply will result in the loss of Internet privileges. See Patron User Agreement for Internet and Roanoke Public Library Public Computer Use for further requirements regarding use of the Roanoke Library’s public computers.
  2. Food and beverages are allowed as long as patron cleans up any mess made and patron is not in the public computer area.
  3. Patrons will keep the volumes of their conversations as low as practical while in the Library, including cell phone conversations.
  4. Patrons will use headphones with all audio/video and computer equipment with sound.
  5. Patrons will not be permitted to enter the building without a shirt or other covering of their upper bodies or without shoes or other footwear.
  6. Any violation of federal, state or local law, ordinance or regulations will be reported to the ABC Police Department.

Visitors whose conduct or activities violate this Patron Code of Conduct policy will be asked to modify their behavior. Further failure to comply with this policy will result in the suspension of library privileges and removal from the library. The length of the suspension of library privileges and/or eviction from the library premises shall depend on the nature and seriousness of the offense that required removal, the extent of the disruption caused, any history or prior infractions of this policy or other library policies, and any other relevant circumstances. Any patron who is aggrieved by a Roanoke Public Library conduct decision may appeal in writing to the Roanoke Public Library Director. Loss of library privileges exceeding thirty (30) days may be further appealed in writing to the Roanoke Public Library Board of Trustees. Appeals must be made within thirty (30) days of the effective date of the suspension of library privileges or eviction from the building.

Adopted April 23, 2019