Kilsoquah , an Indian princess, granddaughter to Chief Little Turtle, was born in May 1810 under an oak tree at the Forks of the Wabash in Huntington County.  She was the last full-blooded Miami Indian. Below are some pictures from the dedication of her historical marker in Roanoke, some pictures that are displayed of her in the Roanoke Public Library, and a short article from a local site. To learn more about Kilsoquah, click on Kilsoquah PhotoStory (see below) or newspaper articles or Nellie Redding’s account of her.

Kilsoquah PhotoStory

Kilsoquah  Celebration:  Unveiling Historical Monument

Bob and Kate Hoffman unveiling the Kilsoquah Historical Marker
Kilsoquah Historical Marker Dedication
Kilsoquah Celebration of Historical Marker Re-enactment
Kiilhsoohkwa (Kilsoquah) Historical Marker
Kiilhsoohkwa (Kilsoquah) Historical Marker (Backside)
Kiilhsoohkwa (Kilsoquah) Historical Marker (Backside)










Kilsoquah 100th birthday souveners
Items from Kilsoquah’s 100th Birthday Celebration
collection of Kilsoquah pictures
Pictures of Kilsoquah

Kilsoquah article entitled "Remember this?